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Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan - 2010 Update
This 75 minute audio program examines what 2010 exposes about the benefits
and drawbacks of Social Media during a crisis. In this program you’ll learn:
• Why Social Media can fail you during a crisis
* Strategies for correct ways to use Social Media during a crisis
• How high profile situations in 2009 would have benefited from Social Media
• Dangers within in your leadership that will hurt your Social Media strategy
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* Full handouts
• The “Social Media When ‘It’ Hits the Fan” white paper
• 30 minute phone call with Crisis Communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro)
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New Frontiers in
Media Training
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Media Training
Tired of Spin? Tired of being taken out of context? Tired of executives saying their best words were left on the cutting room floor? Learn the system that top executives around the world use.
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New Frontiers in
Crisis Communications
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Crisis Communications
The rules of Crisis Communications are changing rapidly. What worked last year does not work this year. Want to know the latest trends and how you can be prepared for your next crisis?
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Government News:
How to Handle the Bad and
Deliver the Good        Only $99
Government Communications
Government agencies have their own unique challenges when it comes to pitching a positive story to the media or facing the media when there is bad news. Gerard Braud offers his unique insights.
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